In any commercial endeavour, being able to source products that achieve a mix of good looks and durability will have long-term benefits for your bottom line. When Shape Commercial was tasked with providing café chairs for the food court at Telecom Place, this balance was critical.

The food court has a very high profile, being a windowed site on a busy street frontage. It was important, therefore, that the product we supplied was of a significant statement level, while also being practical and fit for a high-use application.

Shape chose a model that features a high-pressure laminate surface over a ply core.

The key to the product is the durability offered by HPL over ply. A fully ply product has aesthetic value, but the working surfaces will always be prone to damage. By applying high-pressure laminate to those surfaces we maintain the ply edge, which is what everyone wants to see, while protecting the rest of the chair.

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