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The Impact Of Office Fit-out On Productivity and Morale

People who work in an office are likely to spend most of their time in that office. Logically, it should be a space that inspires people to do their best work. The way we feel in our workspace can have a significant impact on how productive and motivated we are as well as on our morale. Let’s take a closer at the impact of a fit-out on productivity and morale.

It’s all in the design

The most important part of an office fit-out is the overall design. More than just the look of your space, it’s also about how people work and interact with each other. It’s important to consider how someone can be productive in their environment and make sure they’re comfortable while they’re doing it.

For example, consider how many people attend meetings, and the way meeting areas are set out. A long table may look grand, but if it’s too big it can disrupt the flow—putting distance as a barrier between people. Perhaps a circular table that folds away may be better. That logic should be applied to every aspect of the layout at large.

The right layout

The layout of an office shouldn’t just look good, it should be conducive to collaboration, while also providing for individual work. In other words, versatility is key.

This means that you need to create spaces where people can easily collaborate and have spaces for quiet reflection. By giving workers options, you’ll allow them to work with their own flow which will boost productivity, and improve morale. If workers feel stifled, it will negatively affect them.

Colour matters

Colour can have a positive or negative effect on people, as it is a major component of creating a mood. Research shows that shades of blue, or other “cool” colours have calming effects, whereas hot colours such as yellow and red are more energising.

Keep this in mind when planning your fit-out. Cool colours are perfect for break areas, and places of solitary work, while hot colours are better for collaborative environments as they can help feed the energy of the group.

This will also hinge on your line of work. If you regularly host clients, it’d be better to strike a balance so as not to over or underwhelm them.

Natural light is important

If you’ve ever had to work in a windowless office, then you’ll know that it can be a struggle to stay awake and focused throughout the day. Natural light is one of the most important factors in creating a good working environment, and studies have shown that natural light can improve productivity, mood and even sleep quality.

The effect on eye strain is particularly notable: according to NASA, humans are three times more likely to suffer from visual impairment when they are working indoors than they are in an office with windows.

Therefore, it’s important that your fitout lets in a lot of natural light by making sure windows are unobstructed. This can be done by opening your office space and removing unnecessary partitions and dividers. The more natural light there is in your workplace, the better it will be for everyone’s mood and productivity.

Optimise airflow

Air it out! Ensure that air circulation is good throughout your entire office space so that everyone doesn’t feel stuffy or hot due to a lack of ventilation when working at their desktops during summer months or cold and clammy during winter months.

This can be done with the right furniture and the proper arrangement of it. You should also consider adding some plants in key areas to boost air quality and improve the look and feel of the office.

An optimal airflow will improve the way workers feel with fresh air, which will naturally boost their mood and productivity. Plus, it’ll lessen the likelihood of the transmission of germs by giving pathogens space to escape. This is an especially important aspect in a post-pandemic world.


If you’re looking to improve productivity and morale in the office, consider what kind of environment will work best for your team members. We know from experience that it’s important not only to have a good layout but also the right furniture, lighting, and colour scheme—all things which can help create a positive working environment.

If you’d like some inspiration on how to create this kind of space at your own workplace, then contact us today for more details.