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Shape Commercial ensures that your surrounding environment is a true reflection of your companies functionality, operation and personality.

Sourced from reputable manufacturers and made for New Zealand work spaces. Our furniture and soft-fit-outs are durable, stylish and workable. We work with you to come up with a design and provide you with what you need and what you want. The perfect executive chair and boardroom table, workstations and office chairs that are ergonomic and functional with endless storage and cabinets to compliment, comfortable waiting room chairs and soft seating, funky cafe chairs and hospitality stools. You dream it, we will source it. Our resources and enthusiasm are endless.

Contact us today and let us Shape your office environment and step into a new world of function, suitability and style.


We have all the products you need.


We do the things our competitors don't.

"Shape helped us with our need to transform an area of our cafe space. Daniel and Sam gave us professional, friendly advice and plenty of attention. We have ended up with fantastic new fixtures of a high quality, they look great and are functional for the space we have. So happy with the end product and recommend anyone to consider Shape."

Adrian Robertson

How can I get in touch with Shape Commercial?

You can contact Shape Commercial via email at or by phone at 0800 2 SHAPE (0800 274 273). They also have specific contact numbers for Auckland (09 215 4833) and Wellington (04 213 9422).

We need minimal disruption during a fit-out.

Shape Commercial is dedicated to ensuring minimal business disruption during fit-outs. They have carried out work over weekends, coordinated with clients' staff working from home, and maintained continuous communication to ensure a seamless transition.

Which companies has Shape Commercial worked with?

Shape Commercial has collaborated with various companies, including GSI Insurance Partners, Perpetual Guardian, Wotton and Kearney, and Honda NZ among others.

What are some of the challenges from past projects?

Challenges include integrating both old and new furniture, managing cable trays and power cables, ensuring compliance with storage needs, addressing issues related to office noise, and maximising office space utility through effective layout and design.


How do you approach sustainability in your design?

Shape Commercial utilises materials like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), made from recycled bottles, to create branded screens. They also offer refurbishment services such as reupholstery, modification of existing frames, and re-powder coating to extend the lifespan of furniture and components.

What solutions does Shape offer modern office spaces?

Shape Commercial offers a range of innovative solutions, including sit-stand desks, soundproof meeting rooms, Bluetooth-capable hotdesking, and the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) technology for sound barriers. They also provide comprehensive storage systems with multi-use storage space and cable reticulation.

Which areas does Shape Commercial serve?

Shape Commercial has completed projects in various locations, and has offices in both Auckland and Wellington.

What does Shape Commercial specialise in?

Shape Commercial specialises in office fit-outs, creating flexible spaces that utilise the best of technology, materials, and design to ensure spaces are tailored to work for people. Their services encompass planning, design, and installation of office furniture and accessories, including advanced solutions like Bluetooth-enabled hotdesking.