Need organisation and storage, filing systems and shelving?

Shape will provide or source for you the solution.

Shelving, desk drawers, cabinets and credenzas that not only look great but provide important organisational and storage harmony in your office or commercial area.

Let us Shape your office space with tidy solutions for your office environment. Versatile, sleek, workable storage, and completely customisable to your space.

Cabinetry elevates the traditional style of storage units to the next
level. With flush-look corner joints, modern aluminium feet and solid showbacks,
ENERGY 7 becomes the Ferrari of the cabinet world. Available in a wide
range of options, from bookcases to lateral filing to hinged door cupboards, its
got you covered.

Classique Credenza with Hinged Doors

Perfect for schools, workplaces and sports clubs, Shape lockers come fully assembled and ready to use. The lockers are available in one, two, three and four tier options and can be configured in banks customised to your needs or as stand-alone units. Two tier step lockers are also available, offering clothes hanging functionality in a two tier format. All lockers are ventilated and can be supplied with clothes hanger bars and internal shelves as needed. Lockers are available with key lock or hasp and staple closure. High quality welded steel construction, with all cabinets available in a standard colour range, and custom finishes on request.

• 18mm Construction
 Optional Tambour Door
• Lock, optional extra
• Lockable Castors
• 650H x 800W x 450D

Personal Storage is storage at its best. Combining everyday filing and storage with room for folders, document trays and shelves. Either use the tall Personal Storage units to create points of division between workspaces, or go for the Mobile Storage Returns which slide neatly beneath your desk, utilizing that otherwise wasted space.

Tambour units are the ultimate space saving storage solution.
Tambour doors dramatically reduce the amount of space you require per
cupboard due to having no swinging doors, and when closed create a clean,
sleek appearance. Available in various shapes and sizes these tambour units can
be used for many applications in your office.

Personalised work space to suit your requirements. Trak is a versatile workstation product that provides a more flexible option to the single solid divider screen. The desk mounted rail with common fitting holds a variety of different accessories including planters, monitor arms, fabric panels and storage boxes. vibrant and fresh Trak provides opportunity for colour accents at your postion of work creating an interesting attractive environment.

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