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MetroLaw is all about the client. They aim to take the stress out of their transactions, demystify law and ease clients through their legal requirements so they can concentrate on the nuts and bolts of their business.

To do this they work from an open plan office, so they can talk to each other and swap ideas. The open plan office allows for a cross-pollination of knowledge and with their joint experience they are able to offer the most innovative, pragmatic and holistic legal solutions for their clients.

Shape Commercial has a long standing relationship with Metro law – we were involved with the initial fit out in the previous office space and Metro Law were so pleased with the experience with Shape that they chose to work with us again for the office relocation.

The boutique office over looks a busy Ponsonby Road and has three main rooms. A meeting room, a shared/collaborative office space and a breakout room.

The key challenge was around moving the existing practise into a much smaller/boutique space in Ponsonby with the same staff numbers while maximising as much discrete storage space as possible.

We achieved this by assessing the space and the user and business requirements and utilised an expanding beam workstation system enabling us to create equal work space for each user. More importantly this allowed us to maximize the most attractive areas in the space for natural light and air flow.

Our ability to manufacture locally allowed us to create bespoke break out and soft seating areas within modest timeframes.

Client entertainment is an important part of the Metro Law philosophy, and we were able to provide the perfect solution to Metro Law’s requirement.

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