Summit Touchdown Angle-pod (6-person)

Business benefits

    • For progressive organisations on a mission to embrace agile workstyles and foster culture change
    • Helps you provide unassigned workspaces for team members to use on an ad-hoc or short-term basis
    • Allows users to form temporary teams and work with different colleagues over the course of the day
    • Signals the collaborative purpose of the space and supports individual work-styles


User benefits

    • Helps users to form agile teams to work with different colleagues when they need
    • Enjoy the open style of a large table format and readily engage with your colleagues
    • Use the data/ power modules to set up your laptop and other work-tools with speed and ease
    • ‘Shared leg’ design enables easier/ faster installation and optimum user experience
    • Integrated cable management system helps you reduce clutter
    • The design enables you to sit anywhere around the table (360-degrees of choice) without obstruction from the table legs
    • Choose from an almost endless range of shape, size and finish options to meet the individual needs of your team
    • Add a purpose-designed centre screen to define the workstations and manage acoustic distraction



    • Large bench-top format for unassigned workstations/ agile
    • Contemporary fixed-height touchdown-pod system
    • Different shape options for top (rectangle or with a twist)
    • Table-top overhang enables 360-degree access
    • Shared-leg design delivers strength and reduces clutter
    • Includes continuous (and removable) cable trays
    • Top has shark-nose edge and radius corners
    • Table-top cut-out for easy access to cables


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