Classic Media-hub leaner (standing height)

Business benefits

  • Engaging with an audience requires dialogue – and that does not happen easily in large group settings
  • So, today, organisations place less emphasis on formal ‘presentations’ and more dynamic and engaged discussions
  • With more emphasis on smaller group collaborations often a team will gather around a screen to share info
  • It enables them to share content and (more importantly) to add the team’s insights in real time so everyone is on the same page
  • The shared perspective that emerges in real time can shift the dynamic of the meeting, resulting in shorter meetings yet higher engagement
  • And because everyone can see the same screen, there is less need to print handouts to share information (so you can save a forest)
  • In an open plan office, noise pollution can drain the energies of colleagues who need to concentrate, leading to protocols to avoid discussions at the desk
  • Instead, team members need to find a work-space they can use for impromptu catch-ups or planned meetings – and often they need that to happen around a shared-screen
  • Increasing the percentage of standing-height furniture in the workspace can prompt team members to reduce their sitting time at work, helping everyone to achieve a healthier state of wellness

User benefits

  • The Shape-Classic Media-hub system fosters small team interactions in the workspace using a shared-screen to promote shared insights
  • The Shape-Classic media-hub leaner includes a table at standing height plus an integrated media-wall (for your monitor)
  • It is ideal for interactive sessions that involve collaborative focus work as well as team discussions, especially stand-up meetings and huddles
  • With the addition of this purposeful workspace-furniture, individuals can take few steps away from the desk to continue their discussions
  • It provides a spacial (rather than acoustic-absorbing) solution to the problem of noise pollution
  • The ability to position the media-hub in the centre of the room or against a wall can liberate the workspace designer
  • You can use the media-wall component of the hub to help define a space in the middle of the room
  • Whether you position the hub near a floor or wall outlet, you will appreciate the extensive cable-management system in both the media-wall and table-top components
  • Use the inset power and data box and integrated cable management system to manage the cables and leads that come with the screen and participants’ devices
  • Add your monitor using the screen fixing-system that is an integral part of the hub design
  • Access the cables for the monitor through any of the hinged doors (at rear and sides) of the media wall
  • See your team members highly-engaged in generating, debating or sharing content – not rearranging furniture or tripping over cables
  • Create an inspiring space that signals the contemporary stance of your team and the importance you place on their shared insights


Shape-Classic Media-hub leaner comprises a media-wall component (with cable management) integrated with a meeting-table at standing height (with inset power and data box). This specialist workspace furniture includes:

  • Meeting-table/ leaner component with integrated power and data box:
    • Set at standing-height and supported by a weighted disc-base
    • Frame to the underside of table-top to fix to wall and hide cables.
    • CMS Power Plus’ power box with 4 x power and provision for data
    • CMS 3000mm three-pin starter-lead
    • Cut-out in table so the power and data module can sit flush with top surface
    • Table-top in Melteca options, with natural timber veneers possible
    • Metal disc-base with a stainless-steel or powder-coat finish
    • Supporting fins under to strengthen top and conceal cables
  • Media-wall component has:
    • Fitted TV-mount bracket (to suit 47-50″ monitor)
    • Hinged doors to back for cable access above 750H, fixed panel below
    • Hinged doors for side access


  • Non-standard finishes possible, including natural timber veneers
  • Table base finished in black powder-coat (non-standard options possible)
  • Top in Shape standard Melteca options, with custom options possible
  • Media wall component finished in Melteca Black Pearl as standard, with other options possible


  • Media-wall – 1850mm H x 1200mm L x 136mm deep
  • Table width – 1200mm (same as length of media-wall)
  • Table/ leaner height – 1105mm high
  • Table/ leaner base – disc-base measures 720mm in diameter
  • Table/ leaner length 3-person – 1200mm long
  • Table/ leaner length 5-person – 1500mm long

Materials used

  • Media-wall – constructed in Melteca
  • Meeting-table – top in 25mm Melteca with matching 2mm PVC edging
  • Meeting-table – steel-base with weighted-disc


  • Assembly ability level – ‘technically-minded’ person
  • Professional assembly service recommended


  • This Shape-designed product comes with a 10-year warranty
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