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How to organise your office for better workflow

Productivity and safety are paramount in the work environment, but both are underpinned by order, which is why knowing how to organise your office with an efficient workflow is essential.

Here are some tips on how to efficiently organise your office for better workflow:

Clear Everything

With your team, go through everything and declutter. This will involve going through the office and getting rid of everything unnecessary. Once done, give the office a thorough cleaning. 

Organise Everything Into Zones

One idea is to organise your workplace into three different areas or “zones,” each with a specific purpose. The point is to make sure all activities, and everyone doing them, are grouped. This minimises distractions and makes navigating the office easy.

We suggest making each zone mutually accessible if possible. If your space doesn’t allow it, make the work zone central, with casual and supply zones on either side. You want to minimise cross traffic.

Work Zone

The work zone is, of course, where all the work gets done. Here you’ll place all the desks, chairs and other tools for work, such as photocopiers. 

You want to create further sub-zones—desks in one area, and photocopiers in another. Place workers who need to move closer to exits and those who will be stationary for long periods more towards boundaries such as walls and windows. 

Neatly arrange desks and ensure lots of room to manoeuvre. You want the space to be airy and breathable. Rows of desks can look dull, so consider a more natural layout—four corner-to-corner works. 

Casual Zone

The casual zone will be where workers take breaks, grab a cup of coffee, and chat. It’s good to keep it separate, so those on break don’t distract those working, plus it’s good to maintain a change of scenery. 

Supply Zone

This is where office supplies will be kept. Although any zone has the potential to become messy, this area is the most likely to get out of control. It’s also the most unaesthetic area, so putting it out of the way is necessary for aesthetic purposes. 

If your office is entirely open plan, consider making one corner the supply zone and putting up some screens to create a visual and physical boundary. 

Add Some Life

Once your workspace is organised for optimal workflow, add a bit of life. Get some plants, which have been proven to boost mood, and decide on some small accents to liven things up.

Minimalist art is all the rage; a couple of pieces placed around the workspace can do wonders to uplift it. 

Stay Vigilant 

Lastly, you need to stay vigilant. Clutter can always creep back, so ensure you and your team are mindful of what you’re bringing in and always tidy up. 

Have a briefing where you discuss the organisation of the office and provide guidance on best practices. 


Organising an office for optimal workflow might be a challenge, but once you find your rhythm, maintaining it will be a breeze. 

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