Stan system is developed based on the attributed guidelines and benefits to be and outstanding,
trendy, and user friendly system for the office environment.

Stan involved minimum components; simplified in design concept; maximum utilization of components; highly re-configurable; sleek and clean-cut; approachable installation techniques; multiple accessories attachment support for effective desktop management.

Widely appreciated for adoption of the following principles:
Minimal components usage for a wide variety of applications (as adopted in diagram below):
(6 basic components utilized for total system configuration) -
a. Bridge –die casted,
b. main beams –extruded,
c. Leg structure,
d. Desk top,
e. ‘T’ joint
f. Linear connector

Qualifying approaches include:
* Executive desk system with side return
* Workstation (singular or multiple)
* Meeting or conference (extendable conference tables)
* Training and educational
* Round/circular or free-form (customized) shaped desktops
The minimal quantifying and utilization of basic components contributes towards a friendlier environment.

Approachable Installation: Extremely simple and uncomplicated in its installation and assembly processes, yet it is noticeable for sturdiness and durability.

The unique flexibility in its elementary formation allows the system to be adjustable in many different conformations required by end users.

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