Shape is now offering a sustainable alternative to standard seating foam commonly used in office seating. While efforts are already being made to recycle task chair foam, this is another step in the right direction towards sustainable office furniture supply.

Ekoosh is a polyurethane foam mixed with powdered rubber.


What makes Ekoosh unique is that the powdered rubber comes from old car tyres. Typically the volume of powdered rubber is around 16% of the foam.

In a nutshell, old car tyres are shredded, the rubber is steam cleaned and turned into a fine powder. The soft rubber powder is then added to the foam mixture to make specialised foams for seating and underlay for carpets. Ekoosh also features antimicrobial inhibitors.

There is no loss of foam resilience and the use of the powdered rubber allows for good compressive and fatigue properties.

If you would like to know more about this product, please follow the link to the Ekoosh website: http://ekoosh.com/

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